Tri-City and PGE ARENA GDAŃSK on British TV


PGE ARENA will be shown to viewers of “Soccer AM”, a popular British TV talk-show. The SkyTV crew will visit Tri-City in March, with Franky Fryer filming his crazy performance at the amber stadium.

“Soccer AM” is a live show aired on Saturday mornings on SkyTV channel. The average audience is around 600 thousand viewers. Each episode is re-run twice in a week’s time, achieving the total audience of 1.2 million. The show can also be watched in social media, where it is followed by hundreds of thousands fans.

Each episode includes a 10 minute Franky Fryer feature, a crazy character played by Adam Smith. Wearing a characteristic trench and speaking with a London Cockney accent, Franky travels to various football locations, presenting them in a comical way. He meets players and other interesting people there. Each of his reports is an opportunity to show the cities visited by “Soccer AM” from a broader, uncommon perspective.

The SkyTV crew was hosted by PGE ARENA on the 31st of March. Three Lechia Gdańsk players - Antonio Colak, Maciej Makuszewski and Łukasz Budziłek revealed their acting skills, performing in English in a mini music video with PGE ARENA in the background. Adam Smith was thrilled with the stadium. Compared to European stadiums, he found it as beautiful as Allian Arena in Munich and as modern and functional as the Manchesteru United facility.

When in Tri-City, Franky Fryer will visit the European Solidarity Centre and the Main Town in Gdańsk, where he will climb the St. Mary’s Church tower. He will take a walk on the Sopot pier and will see Infobox in Gdynia. The British TV was invited to Tri-City by the Polish Tourism Organisation’s Foreign Centre in London in collaboration with the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organization. The Tri-City episode of “Soccer AM” will be aired on Saturday after Easter. Details of the broadcast will be published on the PGE ARENA Facebook profile.


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