A game of football and... a Polish-Greek salad

16th June Match Poland - Greece

A recipe for a real Greek salad is extremely simple. And it is the same with a successful football event. All you need are some basic ingredients: motivated players, cheering fans and the PGE ARENA scenery.

How do native-born Greeks make their flagship salad known as the “Greek salad” all over the world? They reach for fresh and ripe products that owe their taste to the Greek sun: tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. They add onions, some feta cheese and – certainly – some olive oil. But they definitely never use any bell peppers, canned sweet corn or peas that are so common in “Greek salads” made in Poland. Yet, it is not only the cooking, but football first of all – so popular in both countries – that is an opportunity for Poles and Greeks to meet. Gdańsk is already awaiting Greek football fans. Up to X thousand are expected to arrive and cheer on their national team at PGE ARENA on June 16th.

What is interesting, the Greeks, stereotyped as carefree people having fun most of the time, are Europe’s hardest working nation. According to the recent data published by Eurostat, the average work time in primary jobs is 43.9 hours per week among full-time employees and the self-employed in Greece. The second position belongs to... Poles, who work 42.5 hours per week on the average. So, where do the tired Poles go after they have earned their holiday? To Greece, which has been invariably one of their top holiday destinations for years.

But the Greek footballers are not coming to holiday in Gdańsk in June. There will be more than enough sporting emotions at PGE ARENA on June 16th, since the Greeks will be fighting to win their fans’ trust back. This is all due to the lost eliminations for the next year’s European Championship. The European champions of 2004 have already lost their chance to qualify for the tournament to be held in France and to defend their title. They are taking the last position in their elimination group now. The game with Poland is expected to open a new chapter for the Greek team. Led by their Uruguayan coach, Sergio Markarian, they are planning to restore the right atmosphere to fight for the Mundial 2018 qualification.

However, statistics and history are not in favour of the Greeks. They lost as many as 10 out of 16 matches with Poles. 3 games were successful for the Greeks and 3 ended in a draw. In Gdańsk, they were defeated by Germans during UEFA EURO 2012. The combination of all these facts with the spontaneous Greek temperament promises a most exciting football event to take place at PGE ARENA. This will be the fifth friendly match played by the Polish National Team in Gdańsk.


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