Buses and trams to PGE ARENA free of charge on Children’s Day

What’s your job going to be when you grow up?

I’m going to be a fireman, a policeman or ... a bus driver! Times are changing, but kids’ ideas of their own future have been the same for generations. The Children’s Day celebration at PGE ARENA will be an opportunity to try and see what it is like.

A dozen buses or so, historical and modern alike, will be provided by the Municipal Public Transport Enterprise in Gdańsk for the Tri-City’s largest family picnic to be held namely at the stadium on the last Sunday of May. The once-popular “Cucumber” Jelcz and one of Ikarus models will be among them.

- “Kids often dream of being a bus or tram driver. They are fascinated by the firefighters’ and the police job. Our Children’s Day attractions will be a great opportunity for them to sit behind the wheel of a bus for a moment at least or to watch a live show of antiterrorists, the police and firefighters in action. Who knows, perhaps namely this day, some children will make some serious decisions for their future, while playing and having a good time?” says Wojciech Dąbrowski from Arena Gdańsk Operator.

The picnic will also be visited by a technical emergency service crew with a specialist tram servicing crane. Furthermore, a presentation of fire engines and police armoured vehicles is planned. Antiterrorists will demonstrate their special robot. Radio Gdańsk will be inviting the visitors to see its outside broadcasting van.

The invitation to join the Children’s Day celebration has been extended by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, Mr Paweł Adamowicz, PGE ARENA Gdańsk and ZKM Gdańsk.

- “We have prepared a special surprise for the public transport fans. Not only will they be welcome to sit behind the steering wheel of a bus, but they will also be able to experience driving the huge vehicle. Two of the buses will be fitted with driving simulators generating a variety of realistic road situations. Certainly, the youngest visitors will be assisted by professional drivers,” says Jerzy Zgliczyński, CEO at the Municipal Public Transport Enterprise (ZKM) in Gdańsk.

It will cost nothing to get to the picnic and to come back home – buses and trams will be available free of charge. ZKM Gdańsk will provide several special lines for those wishing to attend the event. TA, TB, TC, TD, TE and TZ tramways will be shuttling between the stadium and Łostowice, Chełm, Przeróbka, Jelitkowo districts as well as the Kliniczna terminal. Even some historical vehicles will be operated!

A91, A92, A93, A94, A95, A96, A97 and A98 buses, on the other hand, will be provided to residents of Zaspa, Złota Karczma, Jasień, Łostowice, Gdańsk Południe and Kiełpino Górne, as well as to those arriving from all the districts along the way to PGE ARENA Gdańsk.

InvestGDA and GPEC Group are strategic partners of the event. In addition, 25 other partners have joined the organization of the Tri-City’s largest family picnic to be held to celebrate Children’s Day. The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and will last until 17:00 on Sunday, May 31st.

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