Cat’s doings at PGE ARENA Gdańsk

Show your beloved pet and have a good time at FUN ARENA!  The World Cat Day is an opportunity for all owners of these likeable – or mysterious – four-footed animals to have a good time free of charge or at a discounted price at the PGE ARENA Gdańsk sports and recreation centre.

The personnel of PGE ARENA Gdańsk love animals. A year ago they were collecting donations and gifts for the “Promyk” animal shelter in Gdańsk. All those offering gifts for pets could visit the stadium free of charge. Animals seem to love the stadium too, by the way. A month ago two foxes called in on PGE ARENA. The personnel managed to photograph the visitors strolling along the VIP box. The photographs made a hit with the media, the Internet, newspapers and TV. Now, time has come for cats and their owners.
The World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17th. Namely this day, anyone coming to FUN ARENA with a photo of his or her cat printed out or saved on the phone will be offered a 10% discount for an electric go-cart drive on the largest roofed track in Pomerania, for a game of electronic paintball and for a trampoline jumping session.
You may also take part in a Facebook contest: the winners will be awarded free tickets to the FUN ARENA trampoline park. In addition, the Monopoly board game with PGE ARENA in one of the spaces will be an extra prize. The only thing you need to do is to publish a funny, interesting or mysterious picture of your cat on the PGE ARENA Gdańsk profile and get most likes from Internauts.
Cats are said to follow their own paths. Maybe this time their owners will spend an unconventional last day of the Carnival season?



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