Children from Marcin Gortat’s Foundation at PGE ARENA

Everything is fun at the stadium :) 

“I like it all here” said 13-year-old Pawel from Donetsk when visiting PGE ARENA. Marcin Gortat’s foundation invited fourteen children of Polish origin, who have been evacuated from Ukraine, to spend a short holiday and have fun in Tri-City. On Friday they visited PGE ARENA and this was the last point of their agenda here.
To start with, the children were shown the places where only football players are allowed in. Obviously, the boys wanted to sit where Leo Messi had his place in the locker room during the Lechia Gdańsk – FC Barcelona super game in July 2013. The kids had a group photograph taken with Slavek and Slavko, Euro 2012 mascots, in the background. The young visitors were curious to know a lot. They did not realize that there are as many as 482 CCTV cameras here ensuring the viewers’ security. The ecumenical chapel with its football ornaments attracted much interest as well. Also, they sat on players’ and coaches’ benches next to the playing field, just to imagine how it feels to be there during a match. Next, they visited the VIP box and realized, how comfortable a sporting event experience can be.
“We are happy to be able to help the children together with Marcin Gortat’s Foundation” – says Tomasz Kowalski, the Arena Gdańsk Operator CEO.


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