CLASSY SPORTING EVENTS – the Lechia Gdańsk vs. Legia Warszawa match report


23.784 spectators watched the second Lechia Gdańsk - Legia Warszawa meeting of this season. Barbecue stands and attractions for kids were awaiting the football fans on their arrival. The business zone visitors could listen to a concert performed by Michał Cieśluk and Mikołaj Mikołajewski and try a Rolls-Royce.
In sporting terms, the match was giving rise to emotions long before the first whistle. The hosts’ supporters were counting on moving up the Ekstraklasa table and progressing to the European Cups, while the visitors from Warsaw were hoping for Legia to regain the lead. The game ended in a scoreless tie, but as far as sporting preferences were concerned, everyone could find something interesting in the show.
Just as before the previous match, barbecue stands were awaiting the football fans again. Also this time, they found this sort of “starters” attractive. In addition, there were many attractions for children there, such as a big inflatable football field, where kids could feel like table football figures.
- “There is more to PGE ARENA  than games and matches. We want even the most demanding visitors to enjoy a good company and networking opportunities here,  while having a good time. Hence the idea of concerts, culinary attractions and other surprises accompanying the matches,” says Tomasz Kowalski, CEO at Arena Gdańsk Operator.
The business section of the stadium offered even more excitement – a combination of energy, quality and high class. The Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club zone was filled with the passionate music played by the Cieśluk Mikołajewski duo, while far inside the Atom Club restaurant, a beautiful and classy car was on display.
Michał Cieśluk is  a talented session musician, a multi-instrumentalist . He improved his technique in the UK and Ireland, where he used to open for many big stars. He worked with Czesław Mozil and Gienek Loska. He has released five CDs so far, two of them solo. During the Wednesday concert at PGE ARENA, he thrilled the audience with his passionate temperament and perfect violin technique.  The car on display was Rolls-Royce Wraith with a 632 hp engine, the configuration presented available for PLN 2.1 million. What surprises in this car is its rear-hinged door. Anyone who chose to sit inside, was charmed by the ceiling lining with the night sky effect. During the previous matches, the new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake and Harley Davidson motorcycles were presented in the Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club zone.
After the game, all Lechia Gdańsk Prestige Club guests were offered a special invitation to an after party to be held in several clubs in Sopot. Although this was the end of this year’s Ekstraklasa season for PGE ARENA, other activities are in full swing now. The stadium is preparing to receive the Polish national team, whose match with the Greek team will take place within less than two weeks, on June 16th. Do not hesitate to come!




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