Coca-Cola’s new advert filmed at PGE ARENA Gdańsk

Many films are taken at PGE ARENA and it is no wonder – this is Poland’s most beautiful stadium!

One of world’s best known brands filmed its new advert at PGE ARENA. Namely Gdańsk has been chosen as a location for an ad-film announcing Copa Coca-Cola 2015 , an international youth football tournament.
The action being launched right now will be advertised all over the world. Copa Coca-Cola unites teenagers in over 60 countries. The tournament promotes an active lifestyle and universal values such as friendship, respect and team spirit. As the tournament initiator says, it is an opportunity for teenagers to pursue their football dream, to make new friends and to learn what it takes to be part of a team. No matter what country or background players come from, the game unites them all in the celebration of football.
The film crew worked for five days at PGE ARENA in December last year. A realistic set was constructed on the stadium premises, featuring bedrooms of teenagers – Copa Coca-Cola ambassadors appearing in the first part of the commercial. Their personal belongings and accessories illustrating their origin are also shown in the film. A girl from Poland, Kamila Komisarczyk, is one of the tournament ambassadors. She is accompanied by seven teens from USA, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Venezuela and Greece. The moment with the whole group running on the playing field is the climax of the film. More shots of PGE ARENA will be presented in other films to be used in the Copa Coca-Cola 2015 campaign.
“Apparently, our stadium has gained a worldwide recognition. Its architectural beauty and the associations it conveys attract such strong brands as Coca-Cola, who want to create their marketing message namely here,” says Tomasz Kowalski, ARENA GDAŃSK OPERATOR CEO. “What pleases us even more is that this is consistent with the direction we have set for PGE ARENA development as a venue for sports rivalry, meeting new people, experiencing the unique and having fun,” he adds.
The new Coca-Cola commercial has not been the first step in PGE ARENA Gdańsk TV career. Two weeks ago TVN viewers could watch special episodes of “Ugotowani”, TVN’s popular cooking show, with the participants visiting the stadium where they took a zip-line ride over the stadium’s grandstands and experienced the thrills of FUN ARENA Escaperooms. Furthermore, last year the stadium appeared in TVN’s “Prawo Agaty” drama series.
PGE ARENA Gdańsk is the only stadium in Poland shown in “The Book of Urban Space”, the TVP Kultura channel cycle presenting the architecture of Poland in the last 25 years. Moreover, PGE ARENA can be seen in the TVP1 News opening every day. Last year, the stadium played one of the leading roles in the advertising spot published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, a sequence of scenes at PGE ARENA opens a corporate spot of Lotos.


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