Cooper test at PGE ARENA Gdańsk again

Check your condition 18.04.2015 

This is one of the most popular tests of physical fitness. Everyone will have an opportunity to take the Cooper test during the next Saturday’s weekly BiegamBoLubię (the “I Run because I Like it” action) running practice.
The point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. It shows the maximum aerobic capacity, which reflects the physical fitness of an individual. The outcome is based on the distance the person managed to cover, their age and sex. The test was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper, a doctor of medicine, for the US military use, nearly half a century ago. Today, it is widely used to test the physical fitness of athletes.
To run safely, it is important for an athlete to prepare well: get a worm-up and stretch before the test. On Saturday, the 18th April, 9:30 a.m. there will be a team of trainers available to assist all those willing to take the test at PGE ARENA. Last year, everyone who managed to complete the test was given a special diploma stating their result.
Jogging enthusiasts from Tri-City have been practising with professionals and running around PGE ARENA Gdańsk since March. This is a part of the nation-wide BiegamBoLubię action, which is attracting increasingly more participants. Participation is open to everyone and free of charge. Jogging fans have a good and active time here. Those who are taking it more seriously and are planning to run a marathon or a triathlon, may come to improve their technique. Jakub Popławski (Trojmiasto Trener) is the main coach for the Gdańsk group. He is supported by Agnieszka Nawrot, a fitness instructor. The workout and running sessions are held every Saturday. The meeting begins at the P5 parking lot next to PGE ARENA (entrance from the Marynarki Polskiej street side).

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