Debate held at PGE Arena – “Polish strength in regions – time for local patriotism in Gdańsk”

On 27 November, a debate titled “Polish strength in regions – time for local patriotism in Gdańsk” was held at PGE Arena.

The panellists: bankers, representatives of the local government and business discussed whether there is any place for regional promotion and development in business. The debate is a part of the program “Time for economic patriotism” initiated by Puls Biznesu, a Polish daily newspaper with a focus on business and economy issues.   Some ten-odd debates held under previous editions had been dedicated to patriotic behaviours in business that determine the strength of economies these days.  

The debate was attended by: Paweł Adamowicz – the Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Olechnowicz – CEO of Lotos S.A., Roman Szczepan Kniter – CEO of Trefl S.A., Maciej Grabski – CEO of Olivia Business Centre, Teresa Kubas-Hul – Deputy President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Adam Świrski – V-ce President of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Management Board. 

The debate was moderated by Grzegorz Nowicki, a Deputy Editor at Puls Biznesu. The panellists stressed the importance of collaboration between entrepreneurs and local governments and discussed the methods to counteract the deficit of adequately educated staff.

czas na patriotyzm lokalny


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