FIFA 15 finals at PGE ARENA

Fifa Final

Instead of running out onto the stadium field, the players will be sitting at consoles, while the virtual football games will be displayed on a huge screen. The FIFA 15 open tournament will be held at PGE ARENA Gdańsk on May 22nd.

The virtual football competition is organized – in partnership with PGE ARENA Gdańsk – by GAMA Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture and St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society. The competition eliminations will be held next Friday and Saturday, May the 15th and 16th on GAMA premises, which is based close to the stadium, in Letnica district, Starowiejska street. The tournament participation is free of charge. The participants will be competing in three age groups: 7 to 10 years, 11 to 14 and older than 14 years.  They will be provided with XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles.

“In FIFA 15, virtual footballers can be controlled in an entirely new, more advanced way. Step and movement control is much more precise than it used to be in the previous versions of the game, which gives the player a sense of greater control of footballers’ actions,” says Marzena Dramińska, the head of GAMA. “One-on-one duels are extremely realistic, too. Shielding the ball with the body, push and pull mechanics, as well as winning the ball in a manner so as to take it over, instead of kicking it off from under the opponent’s feet only – all this makes the defensive game much more satisfactory,” Marzena Dramińska stresses.   

Furthermore, the ball possession has been improved in FIFA 15. The accurate projection of the ball trajectory changes in response to every touch, kick or rebound. Hence, the game should be a source of authentic emotions for the participants and the viewers as well.

The more so, that the grand finale – scheduled for Friday, May 22nd, 15:00 – will be held at a venue most appropriate for this purpose – the real football stadium. Play stations and a large format display will be prepared for the players in the PGE ARENA Cup Room.

- “I hope that the stadium environment will inspire the players and will make their participation in the FIFA 15 finals an exceptional experience,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski from PGE ARENA Gdańsk. “We are involved in the local community life and are happy to develop an affordable leisure and entertainment offer. This is not the first time that we are collaborating with the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture. The great family picnic to be organized at PGE ARENA to celebrate the Children’s Day will be another of our joint actions,” Wojciech Dąbrowski adds. 



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