Foreign students learning business at PGE ARENA Gdańsk

Foreign students from NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL visited PGE ARENA 

How to develop activities of the stadium in the field of everyday entertainment and leisure?This problem was explored by students from France at PGE ARENA.They will take the good practice examples from Gdańsk to the wide world.

From 23 th to 26th February, over 20 students from Neoma Business School, France, visited Gdańsk, on the invitation of Gdańsk University of Technology.  Four of them – young people from France, Italy and China – attended a workshop with employees of Arena Gdańsk Operator, the company operating PGE ARENA.

The students’ project was divided into two stages.To begin with, examples of stadium infrastructure developments were identified worldwide.“The students confirmed that PGE ARENA’s multipurpose development strategy is clearly distinct.They found very few examples of similar solutions all over the world”, says Dawid Szpinek, Head of Marketing and Events Department at AGO.The AGO team shared their professional experience with the students, thereby making an important contribution to the project.“I encountered an entirely new approach to this type of facility here.We have many stadiums in China and no less problems with how to use them well.Chinese people might learn a lot from you,” admits Jiaying Li, a student from China. 

The second stage of the work was dedicated to development of FUN ARENA, Tri-City’s largest fun park operating at PGE ARENA Gdańsk.“The students approached the task with great commitment and professionally.It is worth noting here that they had little time and did not know the local specifics.And yet, their ideas appeared very interesting and realistic,” concludes Dawid Szpinek.“They presented a very consistent project, supported by competition analysis, which was not an easy thing to do for foreign students.The study covered also the potential demand for new services and the expected return on investment,” he adds. 

The students found their visit to PGE ARENA very inspiring and appreciated the opportunity to get in touch with the business practice in the field which was entirely new for them.“I am impressed by the stadium in Gdańsk and everything I learned here.Maybe sports and entertainment management will be my professional choice.I consider this to be one of businesses of the future” – this is how Lorenzo Geri, a student from Italy, commented the workshop.

Neoma Business School, one of the leading business universities in France, was created by the merger of two institutions: Rouen Business School and Reims Management School.It collaborates with 300 partners in 75 countries.Neoma BS has 8,000 students, every third of them originating from outside France.

This was the tenth visit of students from Neoma to Gdańsk, but the first one to PGE ARENA, where an opening event took place.   “We are happy that our guests could take a close look at this contemporary symbol of Gdańsk.  They also enjoyed the opportunity to have a good time at FUN ARENA,” says DR Magda Popowska, Deputy Dean for  International Affairs and External Contacts at Gdańsk University of Technology.

The students spent all evening at FUN ARENA, where they had a great time driving electric Pitstop go-karts.  They also enjoyed all of the other attractions, such as NoGravity trampoline park, Escaperooms or Zoltar, the electronic paintball.

Workshop activities included also visits to other companies and institutions.Besides AGO, the group of companies involved in the project included Jeppesen Poland, Intel and Flextronics, Gdańsk Science and Technology Park and the regional initiative Invest in Pomerania.



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