Forty paragliders soared at PGE ARENA

A crosswise stadium tour.

This time the fans of flying soared using the ... zip-line stretched over the Gdańsk stadium grandstands. Covering the distance of 200 m at the height of 22 m above the football field, they were practising the reserve parachute opening last Sunday.

This unusual training was organized by Gdynia Paragliding Association Glide Club Gdynia. Dealing with emergency situations that may occur during any flight is an important element of the paraglider pilot training program.

- “Every paraglider pilot should “air” the reserve parachute once a year,” says Monika Makowska from Glide Club Gdynia. This was not the first time that the zip-line was used for this type of activities at PGE ARENA. The few hours paraglider practice took place on the 22nd of March.

The zip-line rides with the opening parachute were truly impressive to look at. The pilots were satisfied with the practice and said they would be happy to come back here in the future.

- “Everything worked OK – had the parachute been needed, everyone would have survived,” she adds with a smile.


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