“Fruit and veggies every day keep the doctor away”

A stadium, sports and health are natural partners. 

A gala promoting healthy habits among children and youths was held at PGE ARENA on April 30th.
How are vegetables and fruit taking root at schools? How to attract children to physical activities? How to counteract the danger of designer drugs? These and other subjects were discussed during the Thursday meeting dedicated to teachers and school headmasters from the region of Pomerania. The event was organized by the Salvit-Prima company, specializing in vegetable and fruit processing. The meeting was partnered by the Agricultural Market Agency, the Governor of Pomerania, the Marshal of Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Pomerania Regional Education Authority and PGE ARENA Gdańsk.
During the meeting, winners of the art contest for children titled “Fruit and veggies every day keep the doctor away” were selected. This has not been the first edition of the contest organized together with PGE ARENA.
The Gdynia division of the Agricultural Market Agency representatives summarized the outcomes of the “Fruit and vegetables at school” campaign. The participants could also attend a presentation given by the Gdańsk Sanitary and Epidemiological Station officers. The focus of the lecture was on designer drugs and the hazard they pose to school students. The youngest participants of the Gala had a ball, enjoying additional attractions, including inflatables.
“We are involved in the local community life, including in particular activities aimed at promoting healthy living and fitness. A stadium associates well with leisure, sports and positive experience, hence many institutions and firms involved in the promotion of health choose namely the stadium as a venue for their meetings or conferences. “A stadium, sports and health are natural partners,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski from PGE ARENA, where similar meetings are held on a regular basis. It is worth adding that PGE ARENA Gdańsk is the first facility in Poland to be granted the international Healthy Stadia certificate.



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