FUN ARENA sponsoring meerkats in Gdańsk ZOO


FUN ARENA has taken care of a colony of meerkats (suricates) living in the Oliwa Zoo.The PGE ARENA fun park is a sponsor of these charming animals. 

Meerkats are among the most visited residents of the Oliwa ZOO. These small, extremely agile African animals live in big families and are very social. “I do not know a person who would not smile when looking at them.Hardly anything would be a better association for our fun park – a place where families and friends have a great active leisure time,” says Karolina Żurawska from Arena Gdańsk Operator. “Our work at PGE ARENA Gdańsk makes us part of the city and we are keen on participating in its important projects.We are happy to be able to support the City Zoological Garden in Gdańsk, which is visited by tourists and residents of Tri-City in such great numbers every year.

The information about FUN ARENA’s sponsorship is displayed on the fence of the meerkats yard, situated in the characteristic, modern building which is home to giraffes. Why not make a trip to the Oliwa ZOO in the spring or summer time and meet FUN ARENA’s new, cheerful ambassadors?


Photo: Joanna Pawłowska




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