II Semi-final of Lechia School Championship

Parents and teachers are welcome!

Over 15,000 youngest students from all primary schools in Gdańsk will participate in the School Running Championship organized by Lechia Gdańsk The semi-finals and the grand final will be held at PGE ARENA Gdańsk.
The best runners will meet at FUN ARENA, PGE ARENA Gdańsk, on Saturday, 28th January. In addition to selecting the Championship finalists, the semi-final competition will also be a family event.
Students are welcome to come to PGE ARENA with their teachers, parents, grand-parents and siblings. Such an extraordinary venue, a real football stadium, is surely a place to experience sports excitements, but also to have a great time and fun. This is the way how we want to motivate the youngest to attend PE classes at school willingly and to stay fit.



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