Jogging around PGE ARENA. Cause I like it!

I run because I like it – 9:30 a.m., every Wednesday at PGE ARENA

Every Saturday fans of jogging may practice under the guidance of professional trainers and run a few rounds around the stadium. PGE ARENA Gdańsk is an important spot on the map of the nationwide action BiegamBoLubię – “I run because I like it”. The new season begins the 28th of March!

“Everyone is welcome to join. Participation is free of charge and open to everyone,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski from Arena Gdańsk Operator, who co-ordinates the action at PGE ARENA. “Our previous year’s experience has shown that the running practice is an opportunity for the fans of jogging to have a great time outdoors, while those more advanced, e.g. preparing for a triathlon competition may improve their running technique.”

It always starts with a warm-up and ends with stretching exercises to relax the muscles. The professionals are there to assist the participants and to demonstrate how to exercise correctly. Besides jogging round the stadium, workout sessions are offered for those wishing to improve the shape of their body.

Jakub Popławski (Trojmiasto Trener), a sports enthusiast since his childhood, is the main coach for the Gdańsk group. He specializes in CrossFit and the paleo diet. At PGE ARENA, his focus will be on improving endurance, speed, and general fitness, as the last one elevates the mood and helps building good form. 

The participation of another coach – a fitness instructor, Agnieszka Nawrot – is a guarantee of the workout diversity. She keeps improving her own skills all the time, attending numerous fitness courses, but first of all – as she says – she loves sharing her skills with others. She will help the participants work on their coordination and dynamics. 

During the last year’s edition of the BiegamBoLubię action, 32 workout sessions were conducted at PGE ARENA. They were attended by nearly 1000 fans of jogging, families with children and seniors among them. Special 100m and 1000 m run races were organized. Such activities as running upstairs, barefoot and Cooper test were those the participants loved best.

This year the BiegamBoLubię running season begins on the last Saturday of March. From this day on runners will meet at 9.30 a.m. every week by PGE ARENA Gdańsk – until November. The P5 car park, accessible from Marynarki Polskiej street, will be free of charge for them on Saturdays.



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