Journalist from Mauritania Visited PGE ARENA


Today, we hosted Mohamed Fall Oumeir, Director of “La Tribune” – an influential Mauritanian daily newspaper. The main purpose of the study visit is to promote Poland among representatives of mass media in Mauritania and to develop a positive image of our country there. The recent visit of Mr Bogdan Burusewicz, Marshal of the Senate, who was accompanied by a group of 40 Polish entrepreneurs, has given a boost to the economic co-operation between both countries. In addition, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Polish-Mauritanian diplomatic relations. To celebrate the occasion, the Polish Embassy is planning a variety of artistic and promotional events.

The journalist’s visit will yield materials for publications targeting the political and cultural elite, media and numerous pro-European groups in Mauritania. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity for the guest to establish contacts with various organizations in Poland.

This is how the journalist commented on his visit to PGE ARENA:

 “My visit to Gdańsk is a journey to the latest history  of freedom in this European region. Every nation in the world follows in Solidarity’s footsteps today. This has an impact on what happens in our world. Mauritania is an Arab, African country far away from Poland, but I am very curious to see this history and the modernity emerging here. For me, Poland is a modern, developed country, knowing how to recognize its heritage and not dissociate from its past. Volleyball and basketball were the most popular sports in Mauritania only five years ago, but globalization is doing its job. Football is winning there too, football fans are growing in number, this fact being noted by La Tribune. Obviously, PGE ARENA surpasses any stadium in Mauritania. This is not surprising: PGE ARENA featured EURO2012, Poland’s population is close to 40 million, while Mauritania is a desert country with a population of less than 3 million. Looking at other stadiums in the world, I can see some similarities between PGE ARENA and Stade de France. What I like best here, us the beautiful shape and the natural grass – something we are missing in Mauritania. The high security standards are no less impressive.”

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