LEGO new-in at PGE ARENA


Models of musical instruments and an interactive map of Europe made of Lego bricks – to be seen in Gdańsk for the first time in Poland! From the 6th of May, PGE ARENA will be hosting the largest exhibition of show-pieces created with those world-famous bricks – calling them “iconic” would not be enough...
Several million of blocks were used to build the exhibits arriving in Gdańsk. Huge structures, theme models and interactive installations will occupy 1,500 sq m of space. The display to be presented at FUN ARENA, the PGE ARENA Gdańsk amusement centre, will be a mooring place for ... Titanic. The scale model featuring the famous liner is 11 meters long and 3 meters high. It took more than 500,000 bricks to build it.
- The bricks attract both children and adults. They offer unlimited possibilities of creating things, as a matter of fact. It is only at home, where the space, time and finance are barriers to building great-scale structures. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity for the huge number of Lego fans to give free rein to their imagination – says Rafał Szymański, who organizes the event.

Gdańsk only
The exhibition arriving in Gdańsk will bring several new installations. Namely FUN ARENA will be the first venue to host an interactive map of Europe entirely built of bricks. Showing state borders, capitals and flags, as well as information about European organizations, it is an item of considerable educational value. Furthermore, models of musical instruments, e.g. a guitar, a trumpet, drums, an accordion and a violin will celebrate their premiere in Gdańsk.
In addition, a special area has been prepared at PGE ARENA for the visitors to play LEGO. It will also include a Duplo zone for the youngest guests, as well as a space for creating structures using huge, oversize blocks. A special sloped track will be there for those wishing to test-drive the vehicles built of bricks.

FUN ARENA for families
The LEGO exhibition at FUN ARENA will be open every day, from Wednesday, May 6th, until June 21st. It is a good idea to celebrate Mother’s Day or Children’s Day at FUN ARENA, but it is also worth coming here ... without any special occasion. Our amusement centre if the largest facility of this type in Tri-City even now and it keeps growing and gaining new elements offering exceptional experience to our guests. FUN ARENA features attractions for all ages. Families will enjoy spending all day long here – says Karolina Żurawska from PGE ARENA.
The youngest visitors may not only see and play LEGO, but also have a ball at the NoGravity trampoline park. Older children, teenagers and adults enjoy go-kart races at our PitStop indoor and outdoor tracks. Adrenaline seekers choose Zoltar – a game of electronic paintball. Those preferring brain games may try mystery detective puzzles to be found at Escaperooms. Two new rooms will be added to this area in May already. Besides, we offer guided tours all around the stadium, including the Lechia Gdańsk Museum. Then, our guests are welcome to relax at Racing Cafe.


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