Puzzle fans will experience even more exceptional emotions at PGE ARENA Gdańsk now. “The Exorcism” and “Flight no C4” are new role-playing games at ESCAPEROOMS. Several thousand visitors have already tried them. are the first permanent real-life escape game rooms in Tri-City. They are part of FUN ARENY, the largest amusement park of the Pomerania region, which has been open for almost a year at PGE ARENA Gdańsk. Since Friday, May 11th, our visitors are offered as much as six adventure games to choose from. The two newest are plotted around the subject of exorcisms and a passenger plane flight. In the four remaining games, players are expected to solve the mystery of the Amber Room, a mad scientist’s laboratory, an English detective and a lost child.
“Having opened these two new rooms, we are now offering the greatest choice of escape games in Poland now,” says Elżbieta Pietruczuk from– “Our game rooms have been attracting crowds of visitors since the very beginning – residents of Tri-City and tourists alike. Owing to their votes, we are ranked as the best fun & games destination in Gdańsk by The new games at, fitted with smart technology solutions, re entirely different from those existing so far. All those who are interested will be able to try an absolutely new style of a game now,” promises Elżbieta Pietruczuk.
Players are given one hour to solve the problem in each room. ESCAPEROOMS are also used as a venue for corporate integration events or stag parties. The facility witnessed birthday parties and even ... a marriage proposal. Since the FUN ARENA opening in June last year, over 2000 teams of two to five players played at ESCAPEROOMS. The games are recommended for players aged 13 and up, who fancy puzzles and a detective story atmosphere.
To celebrate the new rooms opening, has organized a contest. Everyone is welcome to enter and explain, why they would like to play “The Exorcism” or “Flight no C4”. Authors of four most persuasive and interesting statements will be awarded group invitations to ESCAPEROOMS and will be welcome to test the new games.
ESCAPEROOMS are not the only attraction to be found at FUN ARENA. The PGE ARENA Gdańsk amusement park offers also two PitStop go-kart circuits: an indoor one and an outdoor one, the NoGravity trampoline park, the Zoltar electronic paintball sessions, zip-line rides and bungee jumping.


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