PE Classes with Champions at PGE ARENA


On May 11th 2015, this year’s first “PE class with a Champion” was held at PGE Arena Gdańsk. The lesson was conducted by Kinga Siwa, the world champion in kickboxing and the Olympic bronze medal winner in box. The class was attended by students from two primary schools: no 1 from Sobieszewo and no 40 from Gdańsk, 19 Stroma street. The “PE classes with a Champion” are organized under the Gdańsk Physical Activity Programme. Piotr Kowalczuk, Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk, Social Policy, joined the workout.

This was another time that students from Gdańsk primary schools could meet sport mentors while attending  the “PE with a Champion” classes.

The meeting began at 9:20 a.m. with Kinga Siwa’s a brief introduction to her discipline and carrier. Thereafter, at 9:30, the group set off to the stadium field.  The workout was attended by Mt Piotr Kowalczuk. The PE class with the Champion was followed by the amber stadium tour with a guide, with an opportunity for kids to get a glimpse of the boxes and football players’ locker rooms. The next group began its class at 11:00 a.m.

The main purpose of PE classes with Champions is to present an integrated offer of lessons, activities, events and information actions addressing all social groups in Gdańsk, with a special emphasis on children aged 6-12. The last year’s edition of the “PE classes with a Champion” was attended by 6 schools. Lessons were conducted by: Tomasz Rokicki, the Polish national rugby team member and Lechia Gdańsk player, Krzysztof Krzewicki – the National Development Officer at the Polish Rugby Union and Mateusz Bąk – a goal keeper at Lechia Gdańsk.
PGE ARENA Gdańsk is a partner in the “PE classes with a Champion” project. The last event was partnered by Sako Sports Club.


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