PE is super! PE classes with Champions at PGE Arena Gdańsk

Children and young people have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary experiences on the PGE ARENA grass

Rugby was first, followed by football and a meeting with fantastic cheerleaders – students from selected Gdańsk schools have attended “PE classes with a Champion” three times now! All this in the scenery of PGE Arena Gdańsk, on the football pitch.

Student girls from Junior High School no 3 and from Primary and Junior High School Complex no 49 in Gdańsk practiced a real choreographic routine with pom-poms with great enthusiasm. They exercised together with the squad of Baltica Marina cheerleaders  on Tuesday, December the 9th. The champion practice was conducted by Alicja Płonka, the Cheerleaders Baltica’s coach and a Physical Education teacher.  

On the next day PGE Arena was visited by younger students, from Primary Schools no 52 and 65 in Gdańsk. This time this was a football practice under the guidance of Mateusz Bąk, a goalkeeper at Lechia Gdańsk. The “PE classes with a Champion” are organized under the Gdańsk Physical Activity Programme – a partnership project of the City of Gdańsk, PGE ARENA Gdańsk and Gdańsk Foundation. 

The first lesson of the pilot cycle was conducted early in December by Tomasz Rokicki, the Polish national team member and Lechia Gdańsk player and Krzysztof Krzewicki – the National Development Officer at the Polish Rugby Union. The class was attended by children from Primary Schools no 12 and 70 in Gdańsk. More school students will visit PGE Arena Gdańsk in spring.

The “PE class with a Champion” is always an opportunity to have an interesting chat with sportspeople. Students ask many questions, about getting fit or about healthy eating for example.   The visitors are also offered fruit refreshments And nobody has even thought of skiving off a PE class like this.


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