PGE ARENA Gdańsk on TV everyday!

Stadium at the forefront of every TVP1 News

The Gdańsk football stadium is the only facility of this type in Poland that can be seen in the new TV News opening.  PGE ARENA Gdańsk plays one of the main roles in a TV spot produced in the state-of-the-art 3D technology.

It begins with a bird’s eye panoramic view of Gdańsk at night. Then, the camera moves dynamically above the buildings’ roofs. The characteristic amber structure shines among them. Within a few seconds, the view of Kraków and other illuminated cities and roads appears, accompanied by symphonic music. The camera flight over Poland finds its finale in Warsaw.

This is how the new opening of one of most popular TV news can be described, but it is best to see it yourself. The inaugural broadcast took place on January the 1st 2015, 07.30 p.m on TVP 1 channel. Now, every issue of TVP 1 News begins with it.

This is not the first time that PGE ARENA Gdańsk has played one of the leading roles in a major TV production. In autumn 2014, much attention was given to a spot promoting Poland, published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PGE ARENA Gdańsk appears in a sequence of fantastic scenes there, as if a fairy-tale amber treasure emerging from the sea. 


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