PGE ARENA in “The Book of Urban Space” on TVP KULTURA

“The Book of Urban Space” is the first this scale TV cycle intended to present the problems of contemporary architecture and urban planning of the last quarter of the century in Poland. The video material is accompanied by comprehensible and competent narration.

PGE ARENA Gdańsk has been chosen as one of 45 buildings from all parts of Poland worth showing and is the only sports stadium in this group. The stadium has already become a symbol of Poland and the pride of the region. It can be seen in the TVP1 News opening every day, it promotes Poland in the advertising spot published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it has its own space in the Polish edition of the famous Monopoly board game.
The authors of “The Book of Urban Space” managed to present the interior of the stadium inaccessible to the public during the events. Even the 82 ribs supporting the roof and weighing 66 tonnes each, have been shown with artistry. The elaborate roof truss looks likewise beautiful. The viewers will be given some facts about the stadium and opinions of renowned architects.


PGE ARENA Gdansk foto 0


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