Song of REPUBLIKA in PGE ARENA - a report from the concert

Zbyszek Krzywański and Jacek Bończyk refreshed Republika’s and Grzegorz Ciechowski’s songs. The Gdańsk concert addressed the thirteenth anniversary of the artist’s death.

Wojciech Mann once said that no one had ever described the love of one’s country as beautifully as Grzegorz Ciechowski did in his song Nie pytaj o Polskę (“Don’t ask about Poland”). Republika’s guitarist, Zbyszek Krzywański, referred to these words during the “Black-and-White Traces” concert held on Saturday night at the PGE Arena club.

Despite the bad weather, the event attracted an audience of nearly 400 people. Republika fans had an opportunity to recall the best known songs of the group in a new, acoustic version, at PGE Atom Club, a venue with a view on the smoothly lighted PGE ARENA stadium. The iconic Nie pytaj o Polskę, or Tak... tak.. to ja and Śmierć w bikini by Grzegorz Ciechowski could all be heard.

A composed person as I am, and yet this music wrought tears from my eyes – admitted one of the concert participants. Also, new songs written by the Krzywański/Bończyk duet were played.

Photo: Sławomir Lewandowski


Fot. Sławomir Lewandowski


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