Sport stars in BIG CYC music video at PGE ARENA

Where BIG CYC steps in, it is going to be fun!

“We are the best” – sing the sport stars in the BIG CYC’s song, Iwona Guzowska, Anna Rogowska, Adam Korol, Dariusz Michalczewski and Leszek Blanik among them. All this happens at PGE ARENA. The band’s new music video was filmed at the Gdańsk stadium.
On the 30th March, PGE ARENA turned into a filming location for 12 hours one more time. A film crew of forty people was working on a music video promoting the team’s latest album to be released in May. This is how the BIG CYC musicians want to popularize physical activity.
- If kids stop avoiding PE owing to this song, it will do the job. With such a light approach, we want to instil the sporting spirit into children,” says Krzysztof Skiba, the group leader. This is an encouraging, cheering fight song. Its optimistic message can be referred to other matters in life too, it may inspire people to pull themselves together and recover from failure. We also hope that it will be played here at the stadium and will become its good spirit helping Lechia Gdańsk players win more often for example,” Krzysztof Skiba adds.
The video was created in collaboration with the Artur Siódmiak Akademia Sportu Foundation. The well-known handball player identifies himself with Gdańsk and PGE ARENA, which he finds to be an excellent venue for presenting the idea so close to him. “We want to show that sport is above everything and unites everyone. No sportsperson refused to participate in the video. I do hope that this is going to be a hit the children from my Foundation will benefit from,” says Artur Siódmiak. “And all this happens in Gdańsk, which is very dear to me, at PGE ARENA, where I come to watch matches myself,” Artur Siódmiak adds.
Children from the Akademia Sportu Foundation are present in the music video side by side with the famous athletes. “With this video we shall help children make their sport dreams come true,” says Artur Siódmiak.
This has not been the first time that a film crew worked at PGE ARENA. Earlier, Dawid Kwiatkowski’s music video was filmed here, as well as Coca-Cola or Lotos commercials. Last year the stadium appeared in “Ugotowani”, TVN’s popular cooking show and in some episodes of the same channel’s “Prawo Agaty” drama series. Soon, PGE ARENA will be visited by a British TV crew working on a popular football show.


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