Students from all over the world discussing innovations at PGE ARENA Gdańsk


Students from Neoma Business School, one of the best French business schools, will be exploring how typical stadium activities can be combined with a daily leisure offer for residents of the city. Owing to its collaboration with Gdańsk University of Technology, PGE ARENA will be among companies and institutions hosting a group of students from all over the world.

From 23 th to 26th of February, the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdańsk University of Technology will be visited by 24 students of the Master in International Projects programme from Neoma Business School in France. The students represent Morocco, Nepal, France, Nigeria and China. In Gdańsk they will be received by Intel, Jeppesen, Flextronics, Gdańsk Science & Technology Park, Invest in Pomerania and Arena Gdańsk Operator, i.e. the company operating the stadium. The project launch event will take place at PGE ARENA Gdańsk. Over three subsequent days, the students will be working in partner companies on selected real-life problems from the field of business development, marketing, HR management, promotion and market research.

- This is a prestige project for us. It is a very interesting form of business-university collaboration, where students’ ideas reflecting a diversity of perspectives can be used. Another important thing is that the students will leave Poland with a new, better perception of our country,” says Dr Magdalena Popowska, Deputy Dean, International Affairs and External Contacts. “Not to mention falling in love with Gdańsk and Tri-city”, adds Dr Popowska.

When visiting PGE ARENA, four students from France, China, Italy and Morocco will be working to select world’s most interesting examples of how the potential of multipurpose stadiums, such as PGE ARENA Gdańsk can be used. To get to know the facility, the students will be shown around the stadium and will experience the attractions of FUN ARENA.

- “We are very pleased to collaborate with Gdańsk University of Technology. We are curious to know how people from such various countries look at things.  We wish the residents of the city to use our stadium all year round. With this in mind, we are launching an innovative offer and interesting solutions. We are very interested to see the analyses of our guests, to hear their suggestions, as well as the examples of other successful solutions in the world”, concludes Tomasz Kowalski, Arena Gdańsk Operator CEO.


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