Summary of 2013

Summary of 2013

Today at midnight we will enter another year of functioning of PGE ARENA, in July 2014 we will celebrate our third birthday. In the previous 2013 the stadium played host to the stars about whom a few years ago we would not even dare to dream that we would ever see in Gdańsk.

As regards the months which we are now summarising, the largest event was the concert by BON JOVI. Fans from all over Poland and from abroad came to see their idols. Yet, the former enjoyed really great experience, as it was the first performance of BON JOVI in our country! The concert was seen by 31,266 people. After a great show of American musicians at PGE ARENA we played host to next celebrities. FC Barcelona came to Gdańsk to play a friendly match with Lechia. Seats of the stadium were filled in the vast majority by supporters of FC Barcelona, yet, fans with hearts belonging to Lechia who came to support their team were leaving the stadium satisfied too. Football players of Lechia fought even battle with champions of football pitches, drawing 2:2. The match on the Polish ground was seen in July by 30,000 people. Due to changes to the system of football matches of Ekstraklasa matches played by Lechia were the most frequent mass events at PGE ARENA. In 2013, during the matches 230,020 people seated themselves in our stands, and the most at the match Lechia - Górnik Zabrze - 24,276 people in August. Supporters are glad with football weekends, and so are we, although sometimes it is difficult to place in the calendar other planned events. Since September at each match of Lechia in Gdańsk an audio-description has been done, namely a special form of messages communicated to the blind who from now on can as well fully enjoy the sports emotions. Actually, not only them. Audio-description in Gdańsk is done by certified speakers, and a live sports comment, possible to be received on each mobile phone and other devices with the function of radio, additionally gives the flavour of what we can see on the pitch.

Matches by Lechia and the concert by BON JOVI is not everything. In 2013, we during the holidays again enjoyed ourselves at the Lech Wałęsa August Marathon. 4,000 people took advantage of attractions prepared for Saturday and Sunday, including apart from professional races of roller skaters from around the world, the fitness race in which anybody interested could take part, a small and big enthusiast of the roller blades, the Zumba marathon, the skating school and many others.  In the past year we also supported the representation of Poland. After the first match in 2011 where there was a draw with Germany and the second in 2012 where we lost to the Uruguay team, this year we won!!! The Polish team won at PGE ARENA with Denmark and it was is a considerable success, as the result 3: 2 was the first win of our team with the national team of Denmark since 1977. Most seats at the stadium were of course taken by Poles, and on that day at the stadium the sports emotions experienced in total 34,950 people.

Apart from the above-mentioned events we as well enjoyed ourselves in the past year at the charity match the politicians versus friends of the hospice, the income from which was intended for the Pomeranian Hospice for Children, we also played host to classes which chose PGE ARENA as a place for their Pre-graduation ball (Studniówka), and also to disabled children who in the group of more than 100 people had fun together with the football players of Lechia in September. Also, this year we organised the first, but certainly not the last, taking into consideration the interest of residents of Gdańsk, Halloween at the stadium, and shortly after we helped animals from the animal sanctuary "Promyk", collecting for them necessary things for winter together with the visitors who on that day were touring in the stadium for free. In 2013, the stadium was visited by 69,205 people in total. A number of people who participated at PGE ARENA in numerous conferences and corporate events was also considerable - 27,889.

To sum up, we can state that in 2013 at the stadium on the occasion of different events and every day attractions offered by PGE ARENA appeared 432,180 people, so again almost half a million, like in the previous year, despite the fact that during this year in the calendar there were no Euro Championships. PGE ARENA for the coming 2014 have prepared equally ambitious plans, from unforgettable mass events, to every day spending of the free time at the amber stadium. One will be able to take advantage of the go-karts near the stadium which have been available since May, the cableway, and also new attractions which will be opened in the first half of the year in the built at the stadium Leisure and Sports Centre. Thus when planning the coming 2014, take us into consideration and SEE YOU AT PGE ARENA IN 2014!




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