Unusual guests are working their way up.

Over 1200 Facebook “likes” and numerous “shares” within two days. News stories  in major Polish web portals and TVP1 Teleexpres, radio interviews – PGE ARENA foxes have become megastars...

On Monday morning, January the 7th , the personnel of PGE ARENA Gdańsk photographed unusual visitors. Two foxes – a grownup and a young one – were strolling leisurely along the rows of green seats at the empty grandstand. The employees did show good reflexes and snapped a picture of the animals. Two photos were next published on the stadium’s Facebook profile and... then it all started!

The unexpected visit of two foxes at the Gdańsk stadium’s VIP block electrified local, and not only local media.  - How did they manage to get inside? - Do they visit the stadium often? - What attracts them here? Lesław Januszewski, PGE ARENA press officer, answered these and many other questions.

The story of two foxes’ stroll was covered by TVN24, Fakt, Wirtualna Polska, Onet and many other web portals. On Friday, Gdańsk foxes appeared on the TVP1 Teleexpress news program.  - They were behaving like tourists do – just walking around . They didn’t make any damage, didn’t soil anything – says Lesław Januszewski.

Owing to its location in the vicinity of allotment gardens, PGE ARENA Gdańsk is prepared to handle situations like this one. There is a special cage waiting ready, in which the “visitors” are transported safely to the forest. The stadium maintenance team co-operates with the City Guards, the Fire Department and the Forest District administration. They even called a falconer for help once.

The whole facility is thoroughly checked and cleaned before every match or event scheduled at PGE ARENA. 

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