The football supporters did not disappoint us.


More than 37,000 spectators, more than in case of the league hits, have watched the friendly football match between Poland and Greece, organized within the Gdańsk PGE Arena. However, no goals were scored that evening. The Poland’s national team, with an experimental line-up,  played their fifth match in the history of the  Gdansk stadium. The Tuesday match was the first sparring played by the Polish National Team this year. PGE Arena hosted 37,192 supporters. This number is much higher than the league record-breaking turn-out. It was recorded in April - Lechia Gdansk match with Legia Warszawa gathered 36.5 thousand football fans. The Greek team tried to stop the bad luck in a series of matches after the Euro cup. Out of six matches they played, they lost four, with two draws. Adam Nawałka, coach of the Polish team, due to the absence of the primary players, had a chance to test the Polish players who did not get much time on the field so far. “Poles, we want a goal!” - that was one of the chants within the arena, during the match with Greece. However, the match turned out to be a draw, even though some situations were potentially dangerous for the Greeks.



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