The Ist Regional Rescue Workshop in Pomerania – safety is our priority

On 24.01.2014, the Ist Regional Rescue Workshop of the Polish Red Cross was held at PGE ARENA

A lost child search, an accident at height beneath the stadium roof, a flare in the grandstand, or a heart attack victim in an inaccessible area – the Polish Red Cross’s special rescue groups from Tri-City, Wejherowo and Koszalin were training at PGE ARENA Gdańsk how to respond to such situations and how to bring help. Over 160 rescuers and mock victims, accompanied by rescue dogs attended the first Regional Rescue Workshop organized at the Gdańsk stadium.

The event was an opportunity for the participants to become familiar with the very special environment of an international football stadium, as well as to practice a number of technical rescue tasks. 5 various types of rescue simulations were conducted within 5 hours. All of them were kept secret from the participants until the very last moment, so as to make the circumstances as close to reality as possible, as well as to trigger natural reactions and prompt decisions.

The Red Cross rescuers’ responsibility is to save people. Human life depends on our efficiency, situation awareness, good organization and co-ordination. – says Karolina Lilianna Kubiak, the head of the event’s Organizing Committee.-  Today we have demonstrated the ability to join the forces of different voluntary rescue groups effectively. The action was an opportunity to drill certain behaviours and skills in the large facility settings, with a complex structure fitted with safety and security systems. It makes me really happy that the rescuers rose to the challenge, although we made them face the great unknown. They managed the situation well, they rescued everyone and provided adequate medical aid.  I am grateful to all workshop participants for their commitment – thank you very much for this.

Every big event is different, also in terms of safety aspects and this requires those responsible to show great flexibility and creativity and to co-operate seamlessly with the external emergency services – says Tomasz Kowalski, CEO of Arena Gdańsk Operator, a company responsible for PGE ARENA Gdańsk management. – We wish the events that attract thousands spectators to be not only unforgettable and appealing, but safe for the participants first of all.This is an obvious priority for anyone organizing big concerts or sports events. To sum it up – it was a good lesson, but we do hope that none of these mock accidents will ever happen here, at our stadium.

We collaborate on a day-to-day basis not only with the Red Cross, but also with other voluntary rescue NGOs and the municipal emergency services – says Wojciech Dąbrowski, CSR Manager at PGE ARENA Gdańsk Operator.- We are eager to join any project intended to support the integrated rescue system development.

PGE ARENA Gdańsk has been granted a positive recommendation in the Polish Football Association’s report on the organization and security of the central level football matches of the season 2013/2014. The Gdańsk stadium has been given the highest security scores for such aspects as the assistance to disabled fans, the command post organization and the media facilities. – As regards mass events, PGE ARENA Gdańsk has always been cooperating with the national and municipal emergency services within the integrated security & safety system. – says Sławomir Michalczuk, the Stadium Security Manager. – Operational arrangements are made on the city level between the Police, the Fire Department, the City Guards, the city transport operators and the event organizer before every major event, under the leadership of a representative of the Mayor of Gdańsk.During the event, there is a central command post at the stadium, with representatives of these forces present and ready to provide immediate emergency response, whenever needed.

The First Regional Rescue Workshop hosted by PGE ARENA Gdańsk was organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Voivode. Radio Gdańsk is the official media sponsor.


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