The new mascot of FUN ARENA

Arenka suricate, which has become the new FUN ARENA mascot at PGE ARENA Gdansk, made her debut at the stadium during the last Super Match between Lechia Gdansk and Juventus.

The choice of the new mascot is not accidental – FUN ARENA since May 2015 has supported financially the  suricates in the Gdansk ZOO. The name of the mascot – Arenka – was selected during the Facebook contest for PGE Arena fans.

Suricates are social animals, originally born in Africa. This species loves family time - suricates live in colonies even up to 50 individuals. Suricates are characterized by very strongly developed social bonds. They spend all days together, cuddling and exchanging smells, and, when in danger, warning themselves against the enemy using almost 30 different communication signs, all of which signify various types of dangers.

Arenka will participate mainly in the events organized in FUN ARENA and will attend for sure many matches played at PGE ARENA. 



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