To make PE grow on you! After the conference at PGE ARENA


Offering attractive and modern-style exercises to students, raising parents’ and teachers’ awareness of the role of PE at school and developing PE teachers’ skills – are the most important conclusions from the conference titled “Physical activity for children and youths and support to the physical culture staff in Gdańsk” held at PGE ARENA Gdańsk.
Over 120 teachers, school headmasters and sport activists debated at PGE ARENA Gdańsk in mid-December 2014. The Stadium Operator together with the Social Development Department of Gdańsk City Hall and Gdańsk Physical Culture Centre invited them to discuss how to arouse children’s and youths’ passion for sports.
The purpose of the meeting was to review what has been done so far in order to promote physical activity of children and youths in Gdańsk and to discuss further developments planned under the Gdańsk Physical Activity Program. The intention was to stimulate the dialogue between the city authorities and the education sector. The conference organizers are stressing that the December meeting with the physical culture staff and professionals exceeded the conference frames, while the very venue and its atmosphere full of sporting spirit spurred active approach and refection.
It is worth reminding here that “PE classes with a Champion” were organized under the Gdańsk Physical Activity Programme at PGE ARENA at the end of the last year. Students from selected schools from Gdańsk improved their skills under the professional guidance of rugby and football players or cheerleaders. A publication titled “A Brief Guide for Active Citizens of Gdańsk” will be soon distributed in primary schools of the city.









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