Tri-City’s largest family picnic!

Children’s Day at PGE ARENA

What is the best Children’s Day present?Time spent with the parents and the exceptional experience of playing together will be a priceless gift for any child.All you need to do is get on a free bus or tram together with your family.Destination:PGE ARENA!This is where the Tri-City’s largest family picnic is going to be held!

Children’s Day has been celebrated for more than 60 years now and not much has changed over this time: kids just want to have a great time! The good news for parents and grandparents is that they do not have to invest in expensive presents to please the children. What is worth doing is to allow enough time on Saturday, May 31st. Namely this day, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., nearly 100 attractions will be awaiting children of all ages – those grown up included! – on the family picnic next to PGE ARENA. On top of that, most of them will be free of charge.

No age limit to fun

There are some attractions no family picnic can do without. So: colourful inflatables will be anchored next to the stadium. Children will be able to paint their faces, too. Creative and educational activities, such as environmental games or an art and crafts corner will not be missing, either. Contests and agility games, a speedway for the youngest and an obstacle course will also be there. Those wishing to see the stadium and the football arena will be welcome to enter and sit at the yellow stand.  

The strategic partner of the event, GPEC Group, has prepared a number of attractions, too. These include the “adventure cave” and the “happy school”. In addition, a megatwister and a Little Tiger slide. To promote environmental attitudes among children, the GPEC Group will invite them to create their own “eco-men”. Moreover, a bike repair mini-workshop will offer its services.

Fans of board games will also find something for themselves. Furthermore, antiterrorists, the police and fire brigades will present their live shows. The participants of the event will have an opportunity to meet athletes from the region of Pomerania. The event will be highlighted by Saszan, the teenagers' idol. A special baby zone with a discreet nursing area and changing tables will be available all day long for families with babies.

Children helping children 

Volunteers from the Pomerania Children’s Hospice will be providing information about the picnic attractions and points of interest. In addition, the Foundation will be raising funds for its patients. Currently, the Hospice is taking care of 30 children from all over the region, aged from 2 months to 20 years. What’s important, they are all staying at their own homes. The assistance includes medical care, the provision of specialist equipment, as well as psychological and financial support to families.

- “We do hope that the fantastic, untroubled fun on Children’s Day will be an opportunity to help those kids whose life is definitely missing untroubled moments,” says Marta Artykiewicz from the Pomerania Children’s Hospice. “Our volunteers will be encouraging everyone to help.They are great young people, eager to give.Besides, dance, vocal and theatre groups will be performing on the stage, to support our activity,” Marta Artykiewicz adds. “Violins”, “Poppies” and “Singing Notes” from Primary School no 59 in Gdańsk and the “Little Actors” theatre group from the Primary School in Skowarcz will be among the young performers.

Security first!

Celebrated since 1952, Children’s Day is commonly associated with a great fun today. It is worth remembering however that the inspiration to introduce a celebration like this stemmed from the need to provide children all over the world with one of the fundamental values: security. Namely this was emphasized by The International Union for Protection of Childhood, the Children’s Day initiator. 

The Police, paramedics and the stadium security service will be taking care of the public security at PGE ARENA all day long. A special bus will be parked in a well-visible point on the stadium’s external promenade, next to the FUN ARENA entrance. This is where a “lost child” contact point will be operating – just in case.

Security is the organizers’ prerequisite to a successful event. “We are ready to conduct a mass event like this, because we have been preparing to it for several months now.Not only attractions, but participants’ safety has been our main focus,” says Tomasz Kowalski, CEO at Arena Gdańsk Operator. “Our grounds are perfect for mass family events and we are going to make use of their advantages when preparing the picnic.We are also planning to refer to the last year’s experience, as our Children’s Day at PGE ARENA was a great success, truly,” Tomasz Kowalski adds.

Almost 65,000 people attended the PGE ARENA Children’s Day picnic last year. The organizers are encouraging everyone to use the special free of charge public transport lines again this year.

Those choosing to use their own car, however, will have an opportunity to check if their child safety seats are installed correctly.  LOTOS Group is inviting everyone to visit their “Champions in Seat Belts” programme stand. The pit-stop will be arranged at the car parking from the AMBEREXPO side. Furthermore, the picnic will be an opportunity to obtain information about how to keep children safe at home and how to provide first aid to them.

The invitation to join the Children’s Day celebration on the last Sunday of May has been extended by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, Mr Paweł Adamowicz, by PGE ARENA Gdańsk, the Municipal Public Transport Enterprise in Gdańsk, together with other strategic partners: InvestGDA and GPEC Group, as well as other 25 partners of the event.


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