Young lawyers sitting the exam at PGE ARENA

Break a leg!

Not the football pitch, but a room with rows of desks will be a battlefield for candidates sitting this year’s legal counsel exam at PGE ARENA. This is the second time that the event is held namely here. The District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk will be examining almost 230 candidates from Wednesday through Friday.

Lawyers are taking possession of the business centre at PGE ARENA Gdańsk for the period between 11th and 13th of March. 45 computer workstations have been installed for the purpose of the examination at PGE ATOM Club and at the Cup Room. This is where the candidates for legal advisers will have to demonstrate their knowledge of criminal, civil, business and administrative law.

- “The examinations will be starting at 10.00 a.m. each day, but the organizers, commission members and, most certainly, the candidates themselves are welcome to arrive even two hours in advance,” says Karolina Żurawska, the Head of the Conference and Corporate Events Department. “The exam is a very special moment – our task is to provide an environment where the participants will be able to concentrate and work in comfort. Not only need the rooms and their surroundings to be arranged, but also the personnel working at the stadium has to be given special instructions. We are fully prepared to provide this.

The business centre at PGE ARENA Gdańsk has the biggest conference room in the city. PGE ATOM Club offers 1400 sq m of floor area, where events for up to 1000 participants can be held. The room with a view of the stadium field opens onto the outdoor deck at the grandstand. Up to 800 guests can attend the events organized at T29 Sports Bar. The complex includes also the Cup Room sitting 290 and the League Room sitting 80 people.
Around 100 industry events, conferences and fairs are held at the PGE ARENA Gdańsk business centre each year. In 2014, they were attended by more than 8300 participants. Namely here members of the Pomerania Business Club met and such events as Forbes Diamonds, the Baltic Congress of Sports Marketing or the “Polish Strength in Regions” debate organized by Puls Biznesu magazine took place. The InfoShare conference, dedicated to IT and media issues, gathered 1200 delegates in the spring last year. Companies and institutions are always happy to revisit PGE ARENA Gdańsk and organize their events here again.

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